Mezzanine Flooring Systems


Mezzanine flooring and decking systems are often used in warehouses and distribution centers as an efficient way to maximize the cubic space. Using a Mezzanine flooring and decking system can consolidate operations into a single area or possibly to free up valuable floor space for other operations.  A properly installed mezzanine with a lifetime warranty can double your warehouse space forever.

Some advantages of using a mezzanine within a warehouse or distribution center include:

  • Maximizes the available height within the facility
  • Easy to assemble, install and reconfigure
  • Multiple floor surfaces available depending on the application and safety requirements

Let Minnesota Pallet Racking’s trained professionals put unused air space in your warehouse to work with free standing storage mezzanines. Storage mezzanines can be built directly over your existing work areas, assisting with improving workflow efficiency and space utilization, thereby eliminating downtime.

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