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For pallet rack solutions in the Twin Cities, turn to Minnesota Pallet Racking for a vast selection of top-quality new and used racks and other racking equipment.

Standard Pallet Rack

Standard Pallet Rack Systems

Minnesota Pallet Racking offers a wide selection of used pallet rack. Used frames ranging from 4′ to 18′ tall, and varying from 24″ to 48″ deep. Used beams from light to heavy duty, ranging from 48″ to 12′ in length. We also offer replacement parts and additions to your standing rack. Please call or email us for your used pallet rack needs, or if you have used pallet rack for sale.

Push Back Pallet Racks

Push Back Pallet Rack Systems

Push Back feed racks are a system of enveloping carts with wheels that glide on sloping rails. Push-Back components install into a Drive-In style high density storage rack. All rails and carts in the Push-Back system are made of 100% structural steel.

Drive-In Pallet Racks

Drive In Pallet Rack Systems

Drive-In Racks can save warehouse space by eliminating aisles for maximum high density storage. Drive-In can help you to more effectively utilize your space and gain up to 60% in total useable storage area over standard selective rack configurations.


Cantilever Rack Systems

Cantilever Rack is the ideal system for storing furniture, steel bars,  pipe and tubing, lumber and other long, heavy items that must be kept off the floor – providing instant accessibility to one piece or a full load. Forklift easily loads off and on arms and bases. Being modular in nature, additional arms, uprights, and braces may be added as storage requirements change.

Gravity Pallet Flow

Gravity Flow Pallet Rack Systems

Gravity Flow feed racks are a system of enveloping carts with wheels that glide on sloping rails.

Carton Flow Rack

Carton Flow Rack Systems

Carton flow racks are ideal for warehouses that frequently require inventory selection by the piece, or in less-than-full-carton quantities. Carton flow racks can be configured in a variety of systems to solve your particular handling needs.


Mezzanine Flooring Systems

Mezzanines are often used in warehouses and distribution centers as an efficient way to utilize the available height, otherwise known as cubic space, in order to consolidate operations into a single area or possibly to free up valuable floor space for other operations.  Many times, storage mezzanines are used as the levels of a pick module.

Warehouse Design

Warehouse Layout & Design

Creating warehouse rack layouts that provides for efficient pallet storage is not the simple task some may lead you to believe.  Minnesota Pallet Racking is a Minnesota licensed professional material handling engineering firm whose trained engineers consider all aspects associated with proper warehouse layout design.   As material handling industry experts, you can depend on Minnesota Pallet Racking to look beyond simply “racking-out your warehouse,” but to also evaluate your business processes in order to facilitate cost effective storage and retrieval of pallets, while optimizing your warehouse space.

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